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Grylls: I'll do all-female Island

Bear Grylls has brushed off claims his new TV show, The Island With Bear Grylls, is sexist by revealing his plans to do an all-female follow-up in the future.

The show, which begins on Channel 4 on May 5, sees 13 men of differing ages having to fend for themselves in the wild after being left on a remote Pacific island with no amenities, no food and only a day's water.

The British explorer denied the programme was "sexist", saying: "I think doing a male one has been really interesting to study what's happened to modern man. I'd be fascinated to see actually an all-women's one - what does it mean to be a strong, empowered, go-getter woman in 21st century Britain. I'm super keen to do that one next."

The 39-year-old continued: "This whole thing of sexism and Bear being sexist because he's not doing a woman's one (isn't true)... First of all, we wanted to do a men's one, because I think there's a lot of masculinity in crisis in this country - what does it mean nowadays to be a man?

"So I wanted to do that, but I'd definitely love to do an all-woman one."

Bear reckoned this show is more challenging than some of his own expeditions, which included climbing Ama Dablam peak, paramotoring over Venezuela's Angel Falls and surviving in inhospitable places for TV shows Born Survivor and Man Vs Wild.

"I think what they went through is more extreme. They're doing it for a month non-stop, no contact with the outside. What these guys went through was authentic, tough and hard-core. At the end of it, I have total respect for those guys - they did amazingly," he said.

The Island With Bear Grylls begins at 9pm on Channel 4 on May 5.


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