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Grylls: The Island is not faked

Bear Grylls has defended his new show, following claims that it is staged.

The Island With Bear Grylls features 13 men - three of them trained cameramen - drawing on their survival skills to live on a remote uninhabited Pacific island by themselves for a month, with just some basic tools and a day's worth of water.

The show's producers admitted they added a rubber lined pool for water, so there was a water supply that didn't evaporate, and let loose two caiman crocodiles, indigenous to the island, to ensure there was enough "native wildlife" to provide the men with food.

"I don't understand the critics here - yes production made sure the 13 men wouldn't die & @TheIsland had a source of water & food," Bear tweeted.

The Daily Mirror also claimed four of the men on the island had experience of surviving in extreme environments, with at least two working with the survival expert before.

The 39-year-old denied any wrong-doing, continuing: "& yes as stated in the show: 3 of the cast were experienced cameramen going through the whole experiment for real as per the others.

"Let's not belittle the men's courage & resolve. Both get tested to the limit soon. I would like to see the critics on @theisland ! #series2!"

A statement from Channel 4 said: "It clearly states in the programme voice-over that trained crew are part of the experiment, living under exactly the same conditions as the other men.

"We had to ensure the island's only water supply, a muddy pool, would last through filming in the dry season and that there was enough native animals and native vegetation that could sustain the men for 28 days - as long as they had the ingenuity to find it, catch it and kill it. This is made clear in the voice-over of the programmes."

The Island With Bear Grylls continues on Mondays on Channel 4.


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