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Hacking made me paranoid - Sienna

Sienna Miller says she planted false stories with friends in an attempt to work out why intimate details of her life were appearing in British tabloids.

The actress and former girlfriend of actor Jude Law, who was a victim of phone hacking, says the incident made her paranoid.

She told NBC's Today show in an interview that stories appeared in newspapers that only her mother, sister, boyfriend and best friend knew about, and she accused them of selling stories to the press.

Sienna reached a £100,000 settlement with the News of the World, after it was found that her mobile phone messages had been hacked.

Sienna said of the time the stories were appearing about her: "At the time I was incredibly paranoid."

She said she also became suspicious when it became clear there were a large number of voice mail messages that friends said they had left and she never received.

"Everything is compromised enormously," she said. "It had a huge impact on relationships, friendships and my career."

Once it became clear to her what was going on, Sienna said she was still reluctant to take on Rupert Murdoch's media empire for fear that it could damage her career.

"It was just too horrendous to not expose, and I was really happy that I did," she said.


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