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Haig: New sitcom so theatrical

David Haig has said Yes, Prime Minister and The Thick Of It are both "similar and dissimilar".

As the successful satire show Yes, Prime Minister returns to British screens, leading man David - who has also appeared as slimy Chief Whip Steve Fleming in Armando Iannucci's sitcom - has said that the key to both shows' success is the characters and their relationships.

"It strikes me they're very similar and dissimilar. They're both acute political satires but with great characters and great relationships, and they're both funny," he said.

"The main dissimilarity to me is stylistic: In The Thick Of It you feel as if you're going in through a little side door and you're in this room where people happen to be behaving and reacting, whereas Yes, Prime Minister is a much more theatrical event - it's a nicely, beautifully modulated, intelligent sequence of events, and it has structure.

"Part of The Thick Of It's beauty is it doesn't adhere to the conventional structure."

The original, hugely popular Yes, Prime Minister - which ran from 1986-1988 - is making its TV comeback after being rebooted from a 2010 stage production.

David, who plays Prime Minister Jim Harker, is well suited to playing the role as he describes himself as a "political animal".

:: Yes, Prime Minister begins on Gold on Tuesday, January 15.


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