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Halle on football learning curve

Halle Berry has revealed she is trying to become a football fan to support her husband Olivier Martinez.

The Oscar winner married the Revenge actor last year and Halle said she is still trying to adopt the Frenchman's taste in sport.

Speaking on the red carpet at the premiere of her new TV show Extant, the 47-year-old mother of two said she is trying to embrace the World Cup.

Asked if she was following the competition, she said: "My husband does so I'm trying, this is new for me. But it's on all day in the house and there is a lot of screaming and hollering and eating. I'm rooting for France."

Halle stars in the TV show as an astronaut who discovers she is pregnant after she returns from a 13-month solo space mission.

The show boasts Steven Spielberg as an executive director and Halle has also taken on the role of co-executive director.

Asked about the lure of the role, Halle said: "It was just so well written, it was a great female character but also great supporting characters around that are all so interesting and layered and complicated. Molly Woods is a woman struggling to survive and I always relate to those kind of characters."

She added: "It's an amazingly written show with a great role for a woman, complicated and deep. Steven Spielberg is the king of sci-fi and supernatural and that is what this show has at the heart of it."

The show will premiere in the UK on Amazon Prime Instant Video on July 10.


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