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Hamilton: I'm proud of my shape

Laura Hamilton has revealed that Dancing On Ice has banished any insecurities she had about her figure.

The children's TV presenter came second in the contest and lost half a stone while competing.

Laura, who is a 5ft 2in, size eight blonde with a 28FF bust, says she's now fit and toned, and is proud of her shape.

That confidence about her body image is in contrast to her teens when, she revealed, she did briefly consider having a bust reduction operation.

"When I was about 16 I was a bit self-conscious like any teenager about my size and figure, but now surgery is not something I would ever consider. I am what I am - small and curvy - and I want to be accepted as that. I'm certainly not shy now as I think wearing hot pants during one of the ice routines on screen kind of proves," she said.


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