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Hamm: Good-looking tag meaningless

Jon Hamm says he doesn't believe he's as good-looking as his fans make out.

The US star is about to return for a fifth series as troubled advertising executive Don Draper in US drama Mad Men.

But asked whether he realised he was good-looking before he played the part, he told Radio Times magazine: "No, I mean, it's, no, who thinks of themselves as good looking, honestly?

"Seriously, who, who? I... I can't say that at all."

"I've certainly heard it and it feels much better to be described that way than for someone to say, like, 'by the way, you're hideous'. But it's so subjective and, at the end of the day, really meaningless," he said.

And he added that all the attention over his looks wasn't proving a problem for his partner - writer, actress and director Jennifer Westfeldt.

"She sees me every day and she sees me in the morning so she realises that it's a ton of horses***," he told the magazine.


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