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Hancock: I only have few years left

Sheila Hancock has revealed she doesn't think she has many years left and is looking for a nursing home.

The actress said on Jonathan Ross's show that now she is 81 it is reasonable to plan for the fact that time is running out.

"I have got to that age where I have got to think that I only have a few years left," she said.

"When you are past 80 you know you have about five years of active life or 10 years at the very most.

"You have to think seriously about what you are going to do. I am not going to do any more long runs in shows. I want to be at home and do my own thing occasionally."

"You do begin to feel old when your daughter is 50 and my oldest grandchild is going to be 20. That is when you know you are getting near the end," added the TV star.

Sheila - whose showbiz career spans around 60 years - said she is now focused on checking out nursing homes so she is prepared.

"I am inspecting old people's homes. That is my latest mission," she said.

"I don't want to be put into a nasty one so I am looking at all the old people's homes in the district saying 'I am not going to that one. I may go to that one. If I go senile I want to go to that one'."

However, the actress - whose husband John Thaw died in 2002 - suggested she will carry on taking acting roles.

"I mainly get parts where you either get senile or die or get shot," she has been quoted as saying.

"The money tempts me. It is not my hobby. I do it for a living."


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