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Happy Glimmer: Audience dazzled by an understated treat

Produced by French company Flop in association with Belfast's Golden Thread Art Gallery, Philippe Lefebvre's Happy Glimmer was an understated delight.

It wasn't so much a typical show as an installation, a series of items brought to life through waves, light and a sprinkling of sound effects. The production was presented as a series of exhibits that sprung alive at timed intervals.

Little by little, the initially dark confines of the Grand Opera House's Baby Grand studio brightened towards an energetic intimacy, electrical equipment delicately maximising the use of lighting, movement, reflections, projections and silhouettes.

A succession of images were projected any way, and anyhow, treating the audience to a blend of colourful and vibrant moving pictures. As the lights came up, one sensed that the happiest glimmers in the room were in the eyes of the children surely dazzled by this ambitious and entrancing piece of work.

Four stars

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