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Hardy: Prince's Trust 'fantastic'

Tom Hardy has hailed the Prince's Trust as "fantastic" ahead of presenting an award.

Speaking on the red carpet before the ceremony, the Dark Knight Rises actor said: "I got involved with the Prince's Trust because I believe what they do is fantastic.

"I wanted to give back in any way that I could to my community and Great Britain, and I was looking for something to get involved with.

"The Prince's Trust is about helping young people up the line and helping out of situations where they're struggling, and putting them in a place where they're in a much better position to deal with what life throws at them and turn their lives right around.

"I thought that was something that I'd like to be a part of, and just asked if I could help out in any way."

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton said she had been an ambassador for 11 years.

She said: "For me the Prince's Trust is all about supporting other people who don't have the opportunities that some people have or the support that other people have.

"These people have really taken the opportunity from the Prince's Trust and had that drive and gone with it and run with it, and I just really admire that because some of these people have been through such tough times.

"Where some people maybe would give up, they haven't, and they've come to the Prince's Trust for support, we've given it to them and then they've flown and they've done wonderful things."

Singer Emeli Sande, who performed at the event and also presented an award, said: "I think it's important that we celebrate young people because they are essentially our future."


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