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Harewood loves unleashing dark side

David Harewood admits he relishes the chance to play bad guys as he finds it thrilling to unleash his dark side.

The Homeland star plays a ruthless gangster in new British film The Man Inside, co-starring Peter Mullan and Michelle Ryan.

David told the Radio Times: "Playing bad characters is always such fun because we don't often get the chance to be like that, and when you unleash the beast in yourself it's often dangerously attractive."

But the 46-year-old Birmingham-born actor refused to reveal if the second series of hit US TV series Homeland would confirm suspicions that his character, CIA boss David Estes, is a villainous double agent.

David also revealed American fans of the show are always stunned to discover he is a Brit.

He said: "It's very funny, they say, 'Oh we love the show.' And then we start talking and you can see their mouths slowly fall open as they realise I'm British. And then it's 'Oh, my God, great job on the accent - we thought you were an American.'

"Actually even some people in Britain think I'm American, and when you think I've been on national TV here for 26 years, it's bizarre."

David's British TV work includes roles in The Vice, Fat Friends and the BBC's Robin Hood.


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