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Harewood to star in TV Beowulf

Homeland star David Harewood is joining the cast of ITV's dark ages drama Beowulf.

The show, based on the Old English poem about the eponymous hero's battles with monsters, is being made into a 13-part drama with a cast including Oscar-winner William Hurt and Joanne Whalley.

Harewood will play a warrior called Scorann in the show which is being filmed in Durham and Northumberland.

Kieran Bew, whose career has included appearances in Da Vinci's Demons and The Bletchley Circle, plays the title character.

Executive Producer James Dormer said: "Hundreds of years ago our ancestors listened to the story of Beowulf because it was a great adventure story - it scared them, thrilled them, made them laugh and cry. But they also listened because they recognised themselves and their fears in it. By holding a mirror up to them this story helped define them and thus - us. So it's incredibly exciting to have the opportunity to make it relevant again for a wide audience - to let them own it again. To let them see themselves in it."


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