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Harmon: NCIS helps captive audience

Mark Harmon has said that he feels proud NCIS often finds its fans among the sick and hospitalised, because the show helps them through a tough time.

NCIS, which stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service, recently won the International Television Audience Award for a Drama TV Series at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, which recognises the most-watched show in the world.

Mark, who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the series, said: "It feels good for someone to say you're the number one show in the world and it's deserved, this group has worked hard, but aside from that it's really about what are you going to do next.

"We're successful because of our fans, they're very loyal fans and they find us.

"One of the things that happens on this show is that people who are laid up, people in hospitals, because this show is on all the time wherever you are, they've caught up with this show and that's been an interesting reward, because that has really nothing to do with the show as much as it does with helping people get through some rough time. That's nice."

He said it had been a strange experience to see himself with foreign language voice overs while visiting other countries: " It's pretty remarkable, I don't know if actors ever really get accustomed to other people in other languages being the voice. I struggled with Spanish, so to see myself speaking in German and doing it well is pretty interesting for me."

He added: "I don't own this character, I just try to play him and I'm all for other people taking their whack at how he sounds. Bottom line is it's just good that people are interested and it's great that it's translated into a bunch of different languages all over the world and I think for all of us here we'd not been part of a show that even gets close to that level."

Mark praised the writers for making NCIS what it is: "This has always been about character and humour and yeah there's been a case, but the case is not what drives the show.

"The writers are still excited in the writing room and as long as they've got that log of stories they want to get out, we're in a good place.

"None of us are up in the writers' room saying, 'Hey how about this,' so that's been healthy."


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