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Harris: I was a geeky bookworm

Naomie Harris has revealed she was a geek at school.

The stunning Pirates Of The Caribbean actress, who's now in the running to play the next Bond girl, was once a self-confessed nerd.

"I was always a nerd and a bookworm at school - I worked a bit too hard," she said.

The work paid off though, and Naomie, who holds a degree from Cambridge University, credits Danny Boyle for altering her life by casting her in post-apocalyptic horror 28 Days Later.

"Danny took a risk on me. I had no credits really and he cast me as the co-lead in 28 Days Later. It completely changed my life," said the 34-year-old.

She teamed up with the Oscar-winning director again in his production of Frankenstein at the Royal National Theatre, which saw Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller alternate in the main role.

"Then he took a risk again because I didn't have any theatre credits to my name and he cast me in Frankenstein in front of 1,000 people every night, which was extraordinary and once again raised my profile, so I'm very grateful to him," she added.

Naomie - who stars in The First Grader - is proud of what she has achieved: "I've never sold out. I've always lived my career totally on my terms. I've never really been reflective about my career, it's that thing about living in the West - tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow."

:: The First Grader in in cinemas now.


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