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Harry frustrated on Strictly moves

McFly star Harry Judd is struggling to get to grips with his Strictly Come Dancing moves and admitted he is finding it "frustrating".

With days to go before the BBC One contest begins, the drummer said his "patience is being tested" by the rehearsals.

Harry said what seemed to be simple steps were taking intense, lengthy efforts to perfect.

Speaking during his practice sessions with partner Aliona Vilani, he said: "I can't stress how hard it is. And frustrating it is.

"Generally I consider myself quite patient but there's times already where my patience is being really tested."

Harry, who has provided the rhythm on a string of chart hits with his band, said: "You have to go over things so slowly.

"You get to a new point in the dance and you think, okay we can move on - it will be just one tiny step and you'll think that's easy.

"It will take half an hour to even come close to getting it, because you'll move and you've got to have a straight leg and your arm will be back and the next thing you're in a position where it feels impossible to even stand up."

Harry said he was "not panicking yet", and was continuing to push himself.

"Despite the frustration and the problems I'm having trying to dance, I am enjoying it and getting on really well with Aliona, so perseverance is the key."


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