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Harry's hopes of singing in Glee

Harry Shum Jr's character in Glee may be a member of the glee club but that doesn't mean he's had the chance to sing.

There's a running joke on the show that his character Mike Chang is tone deaf and it's his dancing ability that makes him valuable to the New Directions show choir.

In real life, Harry says he's been taking vocal lessons and hopes to get a shot at singing on the show.

"I'm not the best singer but I'm definitely not the worst. I'm somewhere in between but I'll let the audience gauge on how good that is and hopefully the show allows me to sing a real song," he said.

The character of Mike Chang was first introduced in season one with very little dialogue.

Harry describes him as starting off as a background character that would dance and make facial expressions. He would be happy if the camera cut to him periodically for a reaction shot.

He's slowly been given more screen time and was recently upgraded from recurring to a regular cast member.

As for his Glee co-stars, Harry says he's not sure if anyone will leave the series at the end of the third season. There have been conflicting reports about some of the actors leaving the show because their characters graduate high school.

"I think we'll find out very, very soon but I think the main focus, instead of what's happening on season four should be season three," he said.


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