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Has 'Frostbit Boy' a slot with US chat show Ellen?

By Nevin Farrell

He has taken the internet by storm and now Northern Ireland teenager Ruairi McSorley - aka 'Frostbit Boy' - could next be following in the footsteps of acting superstar Liam Neeson by appearing on a prime-time USA talk show.

Ruairi's unique brogue as he spoke about the snow in his home area around Park village in the Sperrins has been viewed millions of times on social media. Then at the weekend he appeared on RTE's Saturday Night Show.

But now, according to Ruairi himself, he could next be seen on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show in America, a show which has already echoed to the strains of a Northern Ireland accent in the shape of Ballymena actor Liam Neeson.

Ruairi - a pupil at Lumen Christi school in Londonderry - told Brendan O'Connor on The Saturday Night Show he may be meeting US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres.

As well as Neeson, she previously interviewed Ireland's singing priest Fr Ray Kelly who became an internet sensation after he sang Hallelujah as a surprise at a young couple's wedding.

Ruairi had the RTE show audience in stitches on Saturday night with his homespun musings, but he revealed there were others in the heart of the Sperrins with accents more pronounced than his.

He revealed: "If you seen some of the social circles I was mixing in, they would nearly believe that the brogue isn't authentic enough."

Turning to cracking the cross-Atlantic market, Ruairi said: "There's talk that there's a wee woman Eileen [Ellen] out in America looking to talk to me next. Eileen Generous [DeGeneres]. We'll have to get a wee run out to see how generous she really is."

Questioned about his sudden fame, he said if it got any bigger people would be getting him tattooed on various parts of their anatomy.

As for any female attention he may be garnering since his rise, he said: "It'd be more the Biddy Marie and Mary Annie Margaret. I'll be able to get me tea in three houses a night!"

During a recent video interview with the Belfast Telegraph's website, Ruairi was asked what he thought of the attention surrounding his "frostbit" remarks on UTV news.

He said: "It's mad craic altogether, all these people in far off countries seeing it."

He revealed he likes to do impersonations like Agnes Brown from Mrs Brown's Boys and Donegal singer Daniel O'Donnell.

Ruairi added: "I would just like my own television programme".

Story so far

"Oh God you wouldn't be long getting frostbit." This was the reaction of Ruairi McSorley when asked by UTV reporter Gareth Wilkinson (right) about the cold conditions in the Sperrin Mountains - and the phrase could yet help to launch a showbiz career.

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