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Hasselhoff baffled by UK accents

David Hasselhoff dons a kilt for the latest episode of Britain's Got Talent but struggles with some of the contestants' accents and the concept of lollipop ladies.

He joins fellow judges Michael McIntyre and Amanda Holden at auditions in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow in the latest episode of the ITV1 show.

Among the acts are a 54-year-old painter and decorator who does one-fingered press-ups on top of a nail, an impressionist and a singing dog.

Two of the stars of the Manchester show are 92-year-old Ted and his 21-year-old grand-daughter Grace, who sing together. Ted struggles with his hearing but still manages to impress the judges when the duo sing the Frank Sinatra standard New York, New York.

Hasselhoff tells them: "This beats the hell out of America's Got Talent. Terrific job, congratulations, very entertaining."

Impressionist Les wows the judges with his take on co-hosts Ant and Dec, Alan Sugar and Ross Kemp, but Hasselhoff is again left confused.

McIntyre tells him: "I don't know what I found funnier, how much I enjoyed you or the fact that David Hasselhoff has no idea who any of those people are."

The former Baywatch star is also puzzled by the accent of some of the contestants in Glasgow. One of them, James, tells him he will be playing the piano like Jools Holland, leaving a confused Hasselhoff to say: "Yes, Phil Collins, yes."

Another contestant, Margaret, leaves him puzzled when she says she works as a lollipop lady until Holden explains she "helps children across the road".

A baffled Hasselhoff then asks: "Oh, and you give them lollipops?"


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