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Hasselhoff: I laugh off stories

David Hasselhoff has revealed he laughs at himself to deal with the negative publicity he receives.

All eyes were on the Baywatch star in Los Angeles as he confidently faced press before taping a comedy 'roast' of his career and personal life, which will air in the US on August 15.

"If you can't laugh at yourself and you hold everything in, then that's when you have problems," the actor insisted.

In a trailer for the show, David even pokes fun at the infamous internet video his kids made of him lying on the floor drunk, trying to eat a cheeseburger.

"I've been there, I'm happy to be here. Nobody can bring me down but me and I'm standing," he said defiantly.

The 58-year old said laughter is truly the best medicine.

"It's what keeps us alive, it's absolutely the thing that makes you live a long and fantastic life and it's proven," David said before heading into the recording.

"It's fun to make fun of yourself, it's always fun to enjoy life and not to take things seriously. Tonight I'm sharing my fun, my life, my past. I'm honoured to still be here and I'm honoured to be able to laugh at myself."


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