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Have they just outed Bert and Ernie? Ashers 'gay cake' case makes Gogglebox appearance

Ashers 'gay-cake' court case made an appearance on Channel 4's Gogglebox on Friday night.

The reality TV show - which sees people across the UK discuss the week's viewing - showed news reports from the appeal result.

Belfast-based Ashers Bakery lost its court appeal over a ruling that found the company discriminated against a gay man.


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The verdict has led to much debate and on Friday night it was the turn of the Gogglebox stars.

The Siddiqui family discussed what a Christian bakery does, while Scarlett Moffatt said that while she had a unicorn on her birthday cake - it didn't mean she believed there was such an animal.

While Chris asked friend Stephen if Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie - who featured on the cake order which led to the case - had just been outed.

"It's just a cake," he added.

Of course the makers of Sesame Street did come out to say that Bert and Ernie could not be gay, or indeed have any sexual leanings, as they were in fact puppets and did not therefore exist beneath the waist.


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