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Head: My daughters get me gigs

Anthony Head has insisted he doesn't help his daughters get acting jobs - they get them for him.

The Free Agents star has acted with his daughter Emily in The Invisibles and The Inbetweeners Movie, and his daughter Daisy in TV musical Rules Of Love.

Anthony revealed: "I hope I get to work with both my daughters again. It's a difficult balance, in that I don't ever want anybody to think they get the gigs because I'm in them. And on every occasion so far, they've got the gig and then I've joined later.

"But the thing that's wonderful about playing stuff with them, is that you don't have to work at being in a relationship, there's an immediate onscreen chemistry."

The 59-year-old actor stars in new sitcom You, Me And Them with Eve Myles, Lindsay Duncan and Susie Blake, coming to UKTV Gold in October.

Eve plays his younger girlfriend Lauren, Lindsay plays his ex-wife who lives next-door and Susie plays Lauren's disapproving mother.

Anthony revealed: "Chemistry really makes for a good show, and the chemistry I have with Eve, right from the outset, right when I went for the casting, there was just an immediate bond.

"We worked together in Merlin, but there's a warmth to her which is really easy to bind to, and we really had a lovely time. A lot of laughing."


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