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Health scare got Snow Patrol's Lightbody off drink and drugs

Excess: Gary Lightbody
Excess: Gary Lightbody

By Jane Scott

Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody has told how a health scare helped him address his struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction and depression.

The Bangor singer (41) said: "I was in the gym, reached down, touched my toes, came back up again and the whole place started wobbling."

Medics diagnosed infections in his ears, eyes and sinuses - all symptoms of cocaine and alcohol abuse.

Lightbody opted for a month-long course of acupuncture instead of surgery and hasn't touched drink or drugs since.

"I stopped drinking, stopped taking drugs. Then I went back, got another X-ray and it was completely clear," he said.

Northern Ireland charity AWARE has commended Lightbody for his "bravery and openness" in discussing his depression.

The charity, which works exclusively for people with depression, have recently launched a campaign actively encouraging people to talk about the illness.

Bernard McAnaney, Chair, AWARE Board of Trustees, said: "Our campaign showcases the fact that ‘Depression doesn’t always look like depression’.

"So often people experience signs and symptoms of depression most significantly a decreased pleasure in activities they formerly enjoyed; when they are not aware, they subsequently fail to seek help for the condition; this inevitably prolongs the illness.

"Therefore, our recent campaign #iamaware is encouraging us all to notice these signs and symptoms of depression, not only in ourselves but also in family and friends and those close to us.”

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