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Health scare Knowles in Spain move

TV presenter Nick Knowles has revealed how he and his family moved to Spain after a frightening health scare.

The DIY SOS star has moved with his wife Jessica, 27, and their nine-month-old son Eddie into a five-bedroom house in Andalusia.

He told Hello! magazine: "I've always lived my life at a million miles an hour and pushed myself hard.

"But it had got to the point where I knew the balance of my professional and personal life wasn't right. I was trying to be in so many places, I had so many plates spinning and the pressure was getting on top of me."

He told the magazine that he re-evaluated his life after he ruptured an artery in his sinus which left him bleeding heavily from his nose, mouth and throat - a condition which required surgery.

The star, who will commute from Spain to do his TV work, said: "I've got myself into scrapes before and bear the scars but without wanting to sound over-dramatic, for the first time in my life, I felt mortal.

"It was then I realised I needed to re-evaluate my way of life. I was burnt out and I owed it to the people I love to sort it out.

"My family have been telling me for ages that I need to slow down. My feeling has always been that that's all very well until the bills come in. But this health scare was a real wake-up call. I don't mind admitting I was scared."

:: Read the full interview in Hello! magazine, out now.


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