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Heather Graham tackles sexism in Hollywood

Heather Graham always wanted to star in a musical, but didn't think people would enjoy listening to her voice.

Heather Graham has blasted the double standards for men and women in Hollywood.

The American actress has been in the movie business since the age of 18, starring in box office hits including Boogie Nights and The Hangover. However, as she grows older, Heather is becoming more and more aware of sexism in the industry.

"Whenever they show a man in print they don’t go ‘Leonardo DiCaprio age blah de blah’. With women they go, ‘This person, age blah de blah’," she sighed to Britain's Evening Standard newspaper. "It is kind of sexist. Why does a woman have to always say their age and I feel like men don’t have to?”

Heather has just finished working on Half Magic, a comedy movie which marks her writing and directorial debut. But actresses having to create their own vehicles to star in is another sign that actors are favoured in Hollywood over their female counterparts.

"Women in general have a tougher time (in Hollywood),” she stated. “There are fewer parts for women than there are for men. And I think it is because there are not as many women in power. It is run by men.”

While Heather has enjoyed her time behind the camera, she's not planning to leave her acting career behind. Instead, she's keen to challenge herself by taking on a play or musical in London's West End.

"I would totally like to be in the West End. I love going to the theatre. I always wanted to do musicals, but my singing voice isn’t good enough. I am not sure people would want to listen to it," she laughed.

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