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Heaton relishing her new character

Patricia Heaton is enjoying playing a less than perfect wife and mum in her new sitcom The Middle.

The 53-year-old Everybody Loves Raymond actress said that her character, Frankie, was a breath of fresh air.

Patricia said: "I just think it's great we get to see a warts-and-all picture of a mum.

"In so many shows we see the bumbling husband, and the long-suffering, patient, perfect wife, and it's been flipped on its ear.

"Frankie is that bumbler - overreacting to things, making the wrong choices, she can't cook, she's a bad housekeeper...."

The US actress admitted it was tough when Everybody Loves Raymond, in which she played the title character's beleaguered wife Debra Barone, came to an end.

The show ended after nine series to an audience of 33 million viewers in the US alone.

"It's always strange when a series ends for good, I mean, it's hard enough when it just ends for the season," the mother-of-four said.

"So when you end an entire series it's bizarre because, this is going to sound strange, but it's almost like it never happened."

The Middle continues on Fridays on Sky1


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