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Heidi Klum: I want to go forward

Heidi Klum has revealed that she wants to move on from the "tornado" surrounding her split from husband Seal.

The German supermodel and the British singer, who have four children together, announced in January that they were separating after nearly seven years of marriage.

"I feel like I'm in the eye of the tornado. It's emotions inside of your body that are a tornado," she told US Elle.

"And then the outside world doing all this craziness - with you wanting it or not wanting it - is another tornado. But as hard as it is, so is life. With my life, my family, my business - I want to go forward."

Heidi admitted that she doesn't want to tell all about their relationship, because of their children. The couple have blamed the split on "growing apart" while stressing that it was "amicable".

"To the outside world, you don't really share all the things that happen. You kind of share just the most amazing sides. I don't want to talk positively or negatively about the ups and downs that we had," she continued.

"I feel like already there are so many things being said about us - about him, about me. I'm not going to comment. Otherwise it makes you angry."

She added: "Every couple goes through things. Unfortunately, we're in the public, so the highs are out there. But I don't think it's necessary - especially for our children - to have the lows being printed in magazines and talked about."


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