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Helen Mirren shocks viewers with tale of camping with Liam Neeson

By Catherine Wylie

Dame Helen Mirren prompted TV presenters to apologise to viewers after she said it "p***ed with rain" when he went camping with Northern Irish actor Liam Neeson.

The star, who turned 70 on Sunday, was telling a story about a trip she had with her ex-boyfriend, Hollywood star Neeson, when she used the bad language.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, she said: "I love camping and I still do and I miss camping, my husband unfortunately doesn't want to camp... I went camping with an ex-boyfriend of mine, Liam Neeson. I lived with him for four years and we went camping in Cornwall.

"He loved camping as well and we had this little deux chevaux car, Liam six foot four in this deux chevaux car, his head was sticking out the top of the car really and we had our tent in the back and all our stuff and our little stove... and we get down there and we're camping in this tiny tent, all six foot four of Liam and me and we camp in this field - not like official camping site with electricity and loos and showers - none of that just literally a field, and it p***ed with rain non stop for like three days."

The show's co-host Ben Shephard immediately said: "Oh. We should apologise. We can't say things like that first thing in the morning... one of those moments when you put your foot in your mouth. Apologies."

Dame Helen then asked: "Why can't you say that?"

Shephard's co-presenter Kate Garraway then said: "Can we have that debate another time otherwise we'll get fired?

"We'll get fired. You might be the Queen, but you can't save us."

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