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Helen Wood claims Big Brother crown

Helen Wood has been crowned winner of Big Brother.

The 27-year-old, who achieved a measure of notoriety when she reportedly had an affair with England footballer Wayne Rooney, beat Derry teenager Ashleigh Coyle to first place.

Emma Willis, host of the Channel 5 reality show, said it was the first time in the programme's history two women had made it to the final two.

Helen, in a short blue dress and red high heels, said she had been "out of order" on many occasions, but said it was because some people had "constantly" made remarks about her.

The Catholic-raised mother from Bolton, who has a 10-year-old son, was guaranteed a place in the final on only the second night of the series.

Without that guarantee she said she thinks she would have "probably been out the first or second week".

Reflecting on her time in the famous house, she said: "I can't speak to people like that even if they are annoying me," adding: "I need to learn to bite my tongue more."

Wood has previously said she was formerly a ''borderline sex addict'' but now claims to be celibate and recently spent £6,000 on veneers.

At the start of her interview with Emma, she gushed: "Ashleigh was the winner, Ashleigh was the winner."

18-year-old Ashleigh Coyle, the 2014 runner-up, did not show disappointment when Wood was announced as the winner, but instead screamed with excitement and hugged her rival.

Ashleigh was one of two finalists from Northern Ireland, with Christopher Hall, 23, from County Fermanagh, in third place.

Christopher, a reporter, described his recent home as "a really tense house" and said "everyone was really full on".

Referring to his diet of late, he said: "I've never eaten as much s*** in my life."

Celebrity Big Brother starts on Monday night.


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