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Henshall in skydiving stunt scare

West End star Ruthie Henshall diced with danger after being blown off course during a daredevil skydiving stunt.

The actress was taking part in a TV challenge - plummeting 15,000ft - to be screened during Channel 4's Famous And Fearless show tonight.

But Ruthie was caught by a gust of wind which blew her two miles off her target during her solo freefall jump.

The star - who has performed in Chicago, first in London and then on Broadway - was in tears after landing, following the incident.

Ruthie, 43, was travelling at 120mph during her three-mile descent before opening her parachute.

As she became separated from her fellow jumpers and realised she could no longer see the airfield where she had been due to land, she mumbled: "Dear Lord, please let this be alright."

The stage star had been given six hours' tuition to prepare to jump for the show, in which celebrities take on extreme sports challenges.

Afterwards she said: "I went through every single emotion possible during the jump. I was amazed by how rational, open and in control I was - feeling an immense sense of calm even though I was absolutely scared out of my mind.

"It's amazing how much of the training had gone in and became unconscious consciousness.

"I felt very proud after the event that I hadn't completely fallen apart - if I can jump out of a plane, pull my own 'chute, get taken off on a freak gust of wind and end up landing on my own way off course then I'm a tougher cookie than I can ever imagine."


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