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Hills' Speidi on life after fame

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt say they made a mistake pursuing their "quest for fame".

The former stars of The Hills are now broke and have found themselves largely unemployable since their time on the MTV docusoap, reports The Daily Beast.

Spencer revealed: "What we learned is: You can be too famous... We were all getting paid to be people we weren't for so long that you stop - there's no line."

He estimated that the couple spent two million dollars attempting to launch Heidi's pop career, and a million dollars on his clothes that he could "never wear again".

On her plastic surgery, which included 10 procedures in just one day, Heidi said: "I wish I didn't do it. I would go back and not have any surgery. It doesn't help.

"I got too caught up in Hollywood, being so into myself and my image. I don't regret anything, but if I could go back, I wouldn't do it."

Spencer added: "The second we continued on our quest for fame was a mistake. This isn't a business. That was the big thing I didn't get: Reality TV is not a career.

"Anyone who says, 'oh you can have a career in reality' - that is a lie."


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