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Hill's X Factor musical unveiled

A Cheryl Cole-like character is seen kissing a statue of her ex and has to be warned off professional footballers in the new X Factor musical.

The singer is one of the X Factor stars who is spoofed in Harry Hill's musical I Can't Sing!, which was unveiled this week.

The Daily Mirror reported that theatre-goers saw Cheryl apparently portrayed by a character called Jordy, who smooches a statue of ex-husband Ashley Cole which she keeps in her dressing room.

At one point, she is seen singing: "Show me a man who resists me and I will show you Elton John."

The show also includes characters based on show regulars like Louis Walsh, Dermot O'Leary and Simon Cowell, who has previously joked that he would "get it in the neck" when Cheryl saw how she had been depicted.

I Can't Sing! tells the story of a young woman who lives in a caravan with a talking dog and finds fame on the talent show.

Dermot is spoofed as Liam O'Deary, who wants to be cool, and Louis is easily recognisable as a man who loves Irish boy bands.

Simon's character is played by Nigel Harman, and during one song he seems to reveal why the TV mogul wears such high-waisted trousers.

He sings: "When I was a young boy at school, the others would treat me so cruel. The bully would hide in a hedge, he would jump out and give me a wedgie."

The script was penned by comic Harry but Simon was a financial backer for the show.


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