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Hoff set to be a Talent show star

New Britain's Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff, who starred in the American version of the programme for four years, has revealed he's noticed a few differences between the two shows - including the reaction from British audiences.

The former Knight Rider star said: "They are so positive. It is actually more fun over here than in the States. Everyone seems to want at any moment just to break out into song."

But he admitted he has struggled at times to understand some of the locals, enlisting the help of fellow new boy Michael McIntyre.

He said: "It's just really fun for me to sit there and have him sometimes interpret what the guys on stage are saying because half the time I don't really understand."

The Hoff's over-the-top enthusiasm and bizarre catchphrases, including "I may have been born yesterday but I stayed up all night", look set to make him cult viewing.


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