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Holby City recruit gets broody

Holby City's latest hospital recruit Chizzy Akudolu says her new role in the show made her broody.

The actress, 38, has joined the BBC One series as registrar Mo Effanga, and will be seen on-screen for the first time later this month.

"She comes into the show heavily pregnant, but as far as she's concerned she's going to work until the baby drops," Chizzy said.

"I loved wearing the bump. It made me broody and I got so attached to it. My mum, who used to be a midwife, thought it looked so real."

Chizzy said she's not squeamish and copes fine with the more gory scenes.

But she added: "The first time I saw a heart beating during a surgery scene I just couldn't stop looking at it. You forget your lines because the prosthetics are so incredible."

:: Holby City continues on Tuesdays on BBC One.


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