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Holby City sparks viewer complaints

Perrie Edwards' mum has hit out at BBC bosses for a Holby City scene featuring a crazed One Direction fan who wants to kill her daughter.

Little Mix star Perrie, 20, and One Direction singer Zayn, 21, got engaged last year.

In the storyline, the character told a nurse: "I've got it all worked out. All I have to do is track down Perrie Edwards, cut off her head with a rusty chainsaw, marry Zayn and have all his babies," the Daily Mirror reported.

It said that Perrie's mum Debbie Edwards later tweeted: "Anyone watching Holby City??? Really x."

One viewer tweeted: "Complaint sent to @BBCOne about what was said about Perrie. Disgusting!"

The Daily Mirror said that the BBC had received around 30 complaints.

A spokesman for the broadcaster said: "The line referencing Perrie Edwards was made to emphasise the character's devotion to One Direction.

"It was not intended to be taken seriously and clearly in the context is not intended to cause offence."


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