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Holden: Cowell will be the best dad

Amanda Holden has said she thinks Simon Cowell will make a great dad and will be the best parent from the Britain's Got Talent judging panel.

The ITV show judge said she thought her friend Simon had underestimated how much he would love his child.

She said: "All I've said before is that I think he underestimates how much he's going to love that baby, and how much he's just going to do anything and everything for it, and how life will utterly change.

"It doesn't matter how much help he can afford or the other things he keeps joking about, and joking about leaving all his money to various dog's homes, none of that will happen.

"He'll fall in love with that baby and that will be it. That will be who his true love is in his life."

Amanda, a mum of two, said she was planning to visit fellow BGT judge Alesha Dixon who gave birth to her first child, a daughter called Azura, earlier this week.

Fourth BGT judge David Walliams welcomed his first child earlier this year too, but Amanda said she thought Simon would make the best parent.

She said: "He's great with children, out of all of us, I think he's the best. The least patronising and the funniest, he's really good. And because he's had a good life and been very mischievous, I hope it'll be payback - I hope his son gives him hell!"


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