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Holden: Friends were my therapy

Amanda Holden has told how the love and support of her friends and her husband helped her deal with the grief of losing her baby son.

The Britain's Got Talent judge gave birth to a stillborn baby in 2011, who she and husband Chris Hughes named Theo.

Amanda told Good Housekeeping magazine: "I lost Theo the week before my 40th birthday. I said we needed to do something for my birthday so I decided to do a tracksuit party with the girls where everyone had to come in tracksuits and no make-up.

"Chris was incredible. We ordered a curry and he and his best friend, the racing car driver David Coulthard, were our waiters. They did full silver service and made us margaritas and mojitos.

"Chris and I were very private and we grieved at night. We went to bed and we talked and talked. Chris never cried. I did all the crying."

The actress is mother to seven-year-old daughter Lexi and Hollie Rose, who she almost died giving birth to in January 2012.

Amanda revealed she had found writing all about her life in autobiography No Holding Back therapeutic.

"It is a cliche, but writing about it in my book did exorcise a lot of things for me," she admitted. "I only very recently felt like I needed to see a therapist. I saw somebody five or six times just to have a chat."


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