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Holden happy with her new look

Amanda Holden has said she feels uncomfortable being labelled as a sexy mum, but is very happy with her new look.

The Britain's Got Talent judge is currently standing in for Holly Willoughby's maternity leave as the host of This Morning, and has spoken about her changing look over the last year.

She told the Daily Mirror: "I've had a lot of positive comments over the past year. I now have a new stylist, and new hair and make-up people. Every now and then it's good to have a cabinet reshuffle and, similarly, I've had a bit of a wardrobe reshuffle.

"I hate saying that, though, because my old team were great and are still my friends. But for whatever reason, I'm getting a lot more comments about my appearance. It is really flattering."

Amanda revealed: "Embarrassingly, I've had lots of MILF comments... God, I feel really uncomfortable saying that! But I let myself down every time it happens.

"One of The X Factor's Stereo Kicks said something flirty the other day, and I replied by telling him: 'I could literally be your mother', in a really sort of nervous/embarrassed/awkward way. I seem to want to slam all that kind of stuff down."

The 43-year-old added that she had stopped getting Botox since her difficult birth with daughter Hollie, as Kylie Minogue also did after her breast cancer diagnosis.

She said: "Along the lines of Kylie when she had cancer, I gave it up after Hollie. For the last three years I haven't bothered, and have instead been having Collagen Wave facials by a wonderful lady called Nilam Patel. It's done amazing things to my face."

Amanda also said of her bushier eyebrows: "Making them longer and thicker takes years off a person. As a youngster, I think I even took a razor to mine at one point - so I've been quite lucky they've been able to grow out in the first place."


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