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Holden: I had a crush on Andre

Amanda Holden has revealed she once harboured a crush on singer Peter Andre.

The Britain's Got Talent judge, who is married to record producer Chris Hughes, admitted she used to fancy the Mysterious Girl singer. Football managing legend Terry Venables was another of her "weird" crushes.

"I have an odd taste in men. I've always gone for people who make me laugh," she said.

"I love Owen Wilson. I just think he's funny, but he's the oddest-looking chap. I have a secret crush on Peter Andre. I used to have a really big thing for Terry Venables."

Amanda - who is fronting a campaign for yoghurt brand Oykos, which is looking for real men to be immortalised into spoons - revealed she prefers her men not to have model proportions.

"My husband's in good shape. He plays squash twice a week and he doesn't go to the gym and he loves doughnuts. That's the kind of man I want - someone I can grab onto and hold," she said.

"Without meaning to sound rude, you want to feel the weight of a man. You don't want someone the same jeans size as you, that would be wrong."

The Oykos campaign runs until June 9. Visit for details.


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