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Holden 'running' weeks after scare

Amanda Holden has revealed her health has improved to such an extent she has been able to go running, just weeks after she was fighting for her life.

The Britain's Got Talent judge was in a critical condition in an intensive care unit after her second child Hollie was delivered in January.

But speaking about the health scare on ITV1's This Morning, she said: "I'm completely fine. I've been running this week, and it's medical science and your own state of mind, I think.

"And also they did say I was pretty fit and healthy and I think that's because I did Shrek until I was five months and I was dancing."

Explaining the incident, Amanda - who is set to host Andrew Lloyd Webber's forthcoming talent hunt Superstar - said: "All that happened was, I had something called placenta previa which is where your placenta is attached to your C-section scar from my previous birth and that's quite common.

"It was actually attached to my bladder and when they went to lift the placenta away I haemorrhaged, and that's kind of where it all went wrong."

The actress had to undergo a transfusion and lost 15 pints of blood in total.

"It wouldn't clot, but they did say to me that if anything goes wrong they will put me under a general anaesthetic, and they said to me 'You're bleeding very heavily, we're going to put you under a general anaesthetic and I said 'ok'.

"I'd seen Hollie and cried with joy - and then when I woke up I thought it was the same day."


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