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Holly Willoughby is scared of the impact social media will have on her children

Holly Willoughby has explained to her kids the meaning of fame and told them that she never meant to become a celebrity.

Holly Willoughby is worried about how social media will affect her children in the future as she dubs it a “huge problem”.

This Morning presenter Holly is mum to kids Harry, seven, Belle, five and Chester, two, with husband Daniel Baldwin. Although they’re currently years off using platforms like Twitter and Instagram, Holly is already anticipating how it will impact them.

Explaining that when she was a kid herself there was plenty of time for her to gather her thoughts by herself, she told London’s Evening Standard: “Now it’s just not like that and we’ve seen how serious it gets: children taking their own lives.

“It is a huge problem and I listen with absolute open ears on the show (This Morning) at the moment because I’m not quite there yet but I know I will come across these things and I want be equipped myself deal with it.”

Adding that she’s still not entirely sure about how to tackle it, Holly feels having a good line of communication with her children is important. The 36-year-old also noted she doesn’t plan to ban her offspring from using social media when they’re old enough, as that can cause issues in itself.

"If you’re the one who’s not allowed because your mum doesn’t let you, you become that figure of difference and that’s when the problems start,” she sighed.

The Celebrity Juice panellist also spoke about what her fame means to her kids as she’s often stopped by fans while out in public. Her message is that stardom should come from doing something you really love otherwise it doesn’t count, and she admitted it was never her intention to become a well-known name.

“I don’t want them growing up going, ‘Oh you’re famous,' you know, then I’d feel like I’d sort of failed them in some way,” Holly said.

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