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Holly Willoughby's 'willy wanging' blunder causes This Morning laughter overload

Holly Willoughby and Ben Shephard were left in fits of uncontrollable laughter after Willoughby spoke about 'willy wanging' instead of 'welly wanging' on live television.

The This Morning presenters could hardly contain themselves as the star made the verbal blunder during the ITV daytime programme.

The duo were re-enacting a moment from a 2015 episode, in which Willoughby accidentally smashed an ornamental pineapple with a Wellington boot during a welly wanging segment.

This time, she threw a golden pineapple across the studio and tricked viewers into thinking she had broken it again.

Shephard then asked her: "Since that day, a year ago today, have you ever hit anything that you've been throwing at?"

She replied: "Funnily enough, I've never willy wanged since then."

The TV stars and the crew in the studio burst out laughing, with neither Shephard or Willoughby able to speak for over 15 seconds.

Shephard eventually steeled himself and joked: "I, however, haven't stopped!"

Willoughby said that welly wanging "is not easy to say" before suggesting that they "move on" from her faux pas.

Shephard is filling in for regular This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield, who is on holiday this week.


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