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Honey G releases her first single

Former X Factor hopeful Honey G has released her first single, hours before the Christmas number one is revealed.

The controversial rapper, who made it through to the quarter-finals of the ITV competition, was signed by Simon Cowell's record label, Syco, less than two weeks ago.

Her brand new song and music video, The Honey G Show, was released on Friday.

Keen to develop a career in rap music, the 35-year-old revealed earlier in the week that she hoped to negotiate producing a full album in the new year, but ruled out taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The new release also follows the launch of her own line of merchandise, including baseball caps, T-shirts and teddy bears, emblazoned with her signature phrase: "I say Honey, you say G."

The colourful video sees Honey, real name Anna Georgette Gilford, rap about growing up listening to world-renowned rappers and following her dreams in the face of "haters".

She repeats: "Now I've got the whole world saying my name."

Honey faced widespread criticism during her time on X Factor, accused of making a mockery of the competition.

After one of her earlier performances, Cowell said to her: "A lot of people are calling me asking me about you. When people talk about you, you win, and a lot of people are talking about you."

On Wednesday she told the Press Association that the record deal had made her the "happiest person alive," adding: "When I see people making negative comments about me it is hurtful, but I kind of trained myself to not take any notice of it any more and if I see someone saying something horrible I just won't click on it.

"They are just spreading negative energy and I am all about positive vibes... haters mean nothing to me."

Directing a special festive message to her fans, she said: "Christmas is a time when we need to go out of our way to empower people and encourage them to follow their dreams and let them know that nothing is impossible.

"I really want people to know that the sky is the absolute limit."


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