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Hook tells of Robbie friendship

Peter Hook has told how he struck up an unlikely friendship with Robbie Williams after the pair met on Top Of The Pops.

Bass guitarist Hook, who is famous for his low-slung playing style, is currently writing a book about his time with post-punk rockers Joy Division.

The Manchester band, whose biggest hit Love Will Tear Us Apart got to number 13, came to an end in 1980 when lead singer Ian Curtis killed himself.

The remaining members carried on as New Order and achieved commercial and critical success before splitting up for good in 2007.

Hook, who was married to Royle Family creator Caroline Aherne, said: "I know Robbie Williams, got to know him quite well. I gave him one of his first cigarettes when we were on Top Of The Pops."

Hook has already written a book about the legendary Hacienda nightclub in Manchester - widely seen as one of the birthplaces of Acid House - which was largely financed by New Order's success.

He told comedian Simon Day on Radio 4's Chain Reaction it was hard writing about his time in Joy Division.

Hook said: "It's going through that again because of the way we buried everything to do with it - the music, the feelings, everything, the guilt, the lot, it's been very difficult going over it again.

"It's like with the Hacienda, I always thought the Hacienda was everyone else's fault then I realised when I wrote the book I was just as much to blame as everybody else and I'm probably going to come to the same conclusion with the Joy Division book."

:: Hear the full interview on Radio 4 at 6.30pm on Friday.


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