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Hopkins left 'broken' by fat quest


Katie Hopkins has said becoming fat was a huge challenge

Katie Hopkins has said becoming fat was a huge challenge

Katie Hopkins has said becoming fat was a huge challenge

Katie Hopkins has admitted her challenge to gain weight for a TV documentary "broke" her because she could not accept how weak she had become.

The columnist and rent-a-gob featured in two-part documentary My Fat Story for TLC, where she gained four stones in three months and then attempted to lose it again to show that slimming down is not as difficult as some people might think.

Former Apprentice contestant Katie, who has been outspoken on the subject of overweight people in the past, said: "I think I do have a heart. It took a while to find it.

"I didn't cry at my weddings [the mum-of-three has been married twice, first to businessman Damian McKinney and currently to design manager Mark Cross], I didn't cry at any of my children's births, I didn't cry at the things we should cry at in life, because I kind of see those as standard things that happen to you, and you can deal with that, because we're bigger and tougher than that.

"But this broke me really... Becoming this other person that was 12 and a half stone, 50 per cent more of me than there used to be, not being able to run any more, not being able to leg it around the place any more and solve anything. I just became very weak."

Katie added that being bigger had also knocked her confidence about being naked in front of her husband, saying that she had become "pyjama woman".

She revealed: "I don't think my husband was particularly attracted or excited by my new Jabba the Hutt body."

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:: Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story airs on TLC on Friday January 2 and Saturday January 3.

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