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Horgan-Wallace returns to BB house

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has returned to Big Brother and says she "can't wait" to stir things up.

Horgan-Wallace, who starred in the 2006 Big Brother household, was supposed to return last week for Time Warp week, but was pulled out at the last minute after current housemate Helen Wood threatened to spit in her face.

The 36-year-old arrived in typically dramatic fashion, jumping out of a giant "present" in a Santa outfit, and quickly clashed with Wood, calling her a "basic bitch".

Speaking before she entered the house, Horgan-Wallace revealed the source of their mutual loathing.

"Basically she's just a confused fan, isn't she?" she said.

"She thinks she hates me, but really she just wants to be me.

"She secretly recorded me and then posted it up online, and that to me is just a superfan.

"Nobody does that."

The incident reportedly kicked off over a secret recording of Horgan-Wallace insulting another woman's shoes after the woman had been rude to her.

"It was just so frivolous and stupid and girlie, it was just a girlie thing.

"But Helen didn't say the back story, and made me look horrible."

The former contestant views her return as a kind of public service to viewers.

"I'm doing it for the nation, the nation have asked me to." she said.

"There's been an overwhelming response on Twitter asking me to go back into the house, and that's the reason that I'm doing it, and that's the only reason.

"I want to bring back happiness to the house, give people confidence in the house, and make them feel happy again.

"So I'm taking one for the team."


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