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Hostess shown the Big Brother door

Insomniac club hostess Rebeckah Vaughan has become the second housemate to be evicted from Big Brother after losing out in the public vote.

Housemate Heaven Africa was also up for eviction, but Rebeckah, 28, from the Wirral was booted out of the reality show.

Rebeckah, who runs a dance school for underprivileged children and also works with the Samaritans, smiled as she was told the news, while the crowd outside the house booed.

Fourteen wannabes, including a model, a wrestler and a Megan Fox lookalike entered the house on September 9 and are competing to win £100,000 prize money.

Big Brother made a comeback on Channel 5 just a day after the three-week run of Celebrity Big Brother came to a close.

Last Saturday night the show hit a new ratings low - dipping below a million viewers for the first time ever.

The Channel 5 programme recorded an average of 900,000 viewers for an hour-long edition - the smallest audience for the nightly round-ups of the programme since it launched in 2000.

During her interview with host Brian Dowling, Rebeckah said: "I'm emotional because I'm going to miss Aden.

"But people who boo me... I don't care, honestly I don't care because if I'd done something wrong in there, fair enough, but I know I didn't. I was just honest and I was truthful. I know I could still be in there now if I wasn't honest or truthful."

She added: "I'm so glad to be out. It's like a lunatic asylum."


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