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Hotel GB show reaches for the stars

Channel 4 has unveiled a galaxy of stars for their new show - naming a cluster in the night sky after the celebrities in its latest programme.

Hotel GB teams up two groups of famous names, including Gordon Ramsay, Mary Portas, Gok Wan and Katie Piper, to run a hotel with paying guests in an attempt to help the unemployed trainees staffing it find real jobs and raise money for charity.

The 10 stars named after the celebrities, and show host Paddy McGuinness, are situated in the southern region of the constellation of Hercules near Ophiuchus and can be seen across the UK.

Show bosses have also set up a viewing station on the balcony of the hotel so guests can see them.

Mike Hazelrigg, of the International Star Registry, said: "With this many stars in one place, Channel 4 have just created their own galaxy. Something of this magnitude is certainly the first intergalactic campaign of its type - and I didn't even need the Hubble Space Telescope to view it."

The show starts on Channel 4 at 9pm.


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