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Housemates personal space invaded

The Big Brother housemates have been getting up close and personal as part of their latest Personal Space Invaders challenge.

Maths geek Andrew was the Scientist and JJ the Personal Space Invader. JJ had to approach each housemate and maintain physical contact with them for as long as possible, without raising their suspicions that they were involved in a task.

And he wasted no time in getting down to business, initiating a game in which the housemates paired up and touch toes as they sought to see who could raise their legs for the longest.

The clock started as soon as they made physical contact and stopped as soon as that contact was broken. The Scientist recorded how long JJ invaded each housemates personal space from the laboratory in the Small Task Room.

JJ and Andrew successfully carried out the experiment, and were rewarded with a special dinner.

They were joined by those housemates whose personal space was invaded for longer than three minutes, who were Corin, Josie and Sam.

The others had to remain in the house while the lucky group enjoyed their feast.


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