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How lack of vision 'helps' Andrea

The Voice finalist Andrea Begley has said being partially-sighted might help her in the final.

The singer, from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, has 10 per cent vision and has to memorise the lyrics to her song choices because she cannot read them off a monitor during the show.

But she said she wants to be judged by her music, adding: "That's the way I expect the industry to take me, on the basis of what I do musically."

The singer joked that her lack of vision helps in some ways.

She said: "It sounds awful but I don't have to look at everybody and sometimes that can be a good thing if they don't look that happy to listen to me."

Andrea and the three remaining contestants, Matt Henry, Leah McFall and Mike Ward, go head to head in tonight's final.

Her coach, The Script singer Danny O'Donoghue, said the show had learned from the failure of last year's winner, Leanne Mitchell, whose debut single did not even reach the top 40.

He said they knew now that they had to develop a "game plan very early on" for the winning act.

He added that he wants to work with Andrea even if she does not win and predicted she will have an album out before Christmas.


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