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How the Breakfast Show audience fell under Grimshaw

Listening figures slipped as low as 4.9 million during the DJ’s six-year stint.

Listening figures for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show dropped by nearly 1.5 million during Nick Grimshaw’s six years as presenter – roughly a fifth of the show’s previous audience.

Grimshaw took over the job from Chris Moyles, who had an average weekly audience of 6.7 million for his final three months in charge (July-September 2012).

Figures remained steady during Grimshaw’s first three months as host (6.7 million for October-December 2012), then slumped by 900,000 to 5.8 million for January to March 2013.

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Since then, the numbers have fluctuated, sometimes rising as high as 6.3 million (October-December 2013), at other times plunging as low as 4.9 million (July-September 2017).

The overall trend has been downwards, however.

Figures for the most recent three-month period, April-June 2018, put Grimshaw’s audience at 5.3 million.

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